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Agronomic Services

Field Specific Seed Selection

Advances in genetic technology have made hybrid and variety selection an increasingly important part of crop planning.  The variable soil types and microclimates in Upstate New York make field by field hybrid selection a must.  Let us help you make the best choices for your farm utilizing our large database of local crop performance.

Soil Testing and Veris pH Sampling

Soil fertility is a key component of overall fertility management.  Let us soil sample your farm, and then we will meet with you to design a custom fertilizer plan.  Veris pH soil testing allows efficient variable rate liming application.  Contact us for details.

Field Scouting

Through regular visits to your fields, we can help you pinpoint problem areas and recommend possible solutions.  We will be using Granular Insights satellite imagery and directed field scouting.  Our goal is to obtain early warning of reductions in crop heath, determine what is causing the problem and identify timely solutions.

Custom Soybean Treatments

We will treat your soybeans on demand with Pioneer’s proven soybean seed treatments

Corn Silage Harvest Staging

We assist with corn silage harvest timing by utilizing the latest crop models along with in field crop moisture sampling to develop a customized harvest plan for your farm.

Plant Tissue Testing

Using plant tissue testing, we can help you diagnose in-season nutrient deficiencies and evaluate current fertilizer programs.

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