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We recommend these information resources to learn more about key issues we are seeing in the field.


Corn Grain Yield in Relation to Stress During Ear Development. Strachan, Stephen. Crop Insights. Pioneer, Johnston, IA. 

The Emergence Process in Corn.  Nielsen, R.L.  West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University, April 2020. 

European Corn Borer. Field Crops. Cornell University, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


Harvesting Corn Silage at the Right Moisture.  Bagg, Joel. Field Crop News. August 15, 2012.

Staging Corn GrowthField Facts.  Pioneer Agronomy Sciences.  

Two-spotted Spider Mite Management in Soybean and Corn.  Cullen, Eileen and  Schramm, Sarah.  A3890. University of Wisconsin, Cooperative Extension. 2009.


Moisture Stress and High Temperature Effects on Soybean Yields.  Staton, Michael.  Michigan State Extension.   July 9, 2020.

Look for Seedcorn Maggot in Corn and SoybeansICM News.  Iowa State University Extension and Outreach.  April 13, 2016.

Wheat and Small Grains

How Low Can you Go? Cold Weather and Wheat Injury.  C.O.R.N. Newsletter. Ohio State University Extension. 2016-2017.

Managing Wheat by Growth Stage.  Purdue Extension Bulletin ID-422. Wise, K. Johnson, B., Mansfield, C. and Krupke, C. 2011.

Diseases of Wheat: Fusarium Head Blight (head scab).  Purdue Extension BP-33-W.  Wise, K., Woloshuk, C. and Freije, A. 2015.  

Managing Diseases in Wheat. Field Facts written by Pioneer Agronomy Sciences.

Alfalfa and Grasses

Potato leafhopper in Alfalfa.  Pioneer Hi-Bred International.

Wise, Ken and Cummings, Jaime.  Potato Leafhopper in Alfalfa.  Cornell University, NYS IPM.  July 3, 2019. 

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