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What are these?

If you see these pheromone traps in fields around the Finger Lakes, they are part of a study to assess the presence of serious and invasive pests in New York soybean fields. Researchers are looking for two moths, Golden Twin Spot moth (Chrysodeixis chalcites) and the Silver Y moth (Autographa gamma), which cause significant damage to soybeans and many other crops across parts of the world. No sitings yet!

The multi-year study also includes soil analysis which has found soybean cyst nematode (SCN), a number 1 pest of soybeans, in at least 1 field in 7 counties in NY, including Tompkins and Cayuga. Fortunately, soil egg counts are still much lower than in other states. Continued monitoring and an IPM approach are the key to combating SCN. Crop rotation, resistant varieties, and nematocidal seed treatments offer effective strategies for minimizing risk. For more information, see this blog post by Jaime Cummings of the NYS IPM Program and colleagues published in the Cornell Field Crops blog, What's Cropping Up?


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